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I’m running

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Hi, DNS says there is no such domain name, can you check?


Hi there!. You’re right - it appears I can’t even type/check my own domain. It’s


Just to understand, where are we geting the access to?


hi there, i am the admin for



@CapMission right now it’s basically just the badge. There’s also an instance-admin only forum, but to my knowledge it’s never been used.


thanks! would be great to have some instance-admin only forum yeah


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: there are only admin in this forum (mostly)


Hello! I’m the instance admin for


Please add me, I am an instance admin


@platinum50 Can you edit your post to include a link to the instance you run? Thanks!


you may add me as well,


I’m Hagen, admin of - I just tried the upgrade to 2.7 … it failed … and now I discovered this group. Can you please add me? Thanks a lot!



I’m the admin of instance, please add me in :slight_smile:


you already have the badge


Hi, I’m the admin of Please add me too :relaxed:


Hello! I’m the admin of I’d like to be added! :slight_smile:


Hi, I want to join.
I am running


Hey, just setup Well, it’s running, but I’m having issues, I’m not sure if they will resolve themself, but right now I don’t feel inclined to do troubleshooting until tomorrow anyway.