Instance Admins [Reply to Join]


There’s now a user group for instance admins, to allow for troubleshooting and discussion of issues related to running an instance.

You can just post in this thread and we’ll add you when we see your request, please also relay to us which server you’re admin of. Thanks

(post has been edited, by maloki, for some clarifications and ease of use)


Can I have access to the admin user group.

I run my personal instance over at


hiiiiiiiiiiii noelle

please add me


Done and done! Welcome to the group. :slight_smile:


Please add me as well :grin:


I’d like to included as well please :bowing_man:


You got it! Done and done. :slight_smile:


Please add me too. I’m the admin of and another personal instance.


Add me? Got many instances that i admin :slight_smile:


Me too? I’m running my own personal instance :slight_smile:


@tcit, @JantsoP @MrGilbert you should all be added :slight_smile:


Can you add me too please? Admin of


how do we use this group btw?


We don’t yet. Haha…
It needs a category as well first.


Hey! I’d appreciate being added as well.

I run/am setting up
am twryst in discord &


@jeroenpraat and @haniawni, I added you to the group. :slight_smile:


yay [random garbage filling because I need at least 20 chars]


I wouldn’t mind being added as well. :slight_smile:

Thank you.


@AxelTerizaki and @wxcafe added :slight_smile:

For future reference, tell us which server you’re from!


I want in. I’m DevOps for