Installing Mastodon on Windows

Hi everyone! :slight_smile:

I have a question and I hope this is the right place to ask it, “It is possible to install Mastodon on Windows?”
I tried installing on Ubuntu 18.04 by following the steps here Installation - Mastodon documentation but couldn’t get it to work. :frowning: . (I am a total noob/know nothing about Linux, lol)

Now, I know that that the documentation states that Windows is not supported but does that mean there’s no way to get Mastodon to work on Windows (like using docker to run the server and somehow be able to access it from Windows?)

I mean, if you can install and run nginx/Apache, node, ruby and other deps like ffmpeg etc. on Windows then why not Mastodon?

Ps: I am not a programmer/developer but just an average enthusiast.


The only supported configuration that we’re able to vouch for and provide support for is running mastodon on Ubuntu using systemd. As a bog-standard ruby on rails app following the 12 factor methodology, mastodon can obviously be run in many environments, although you might run into problems with certain dependencies or native compiled gems.

Also, as docker is a virtualization environment, mastodon-in-docker can be run on any type of host system. Theoretically, it makes no difference to docker what system you use to run the containers.

Thanks for your reply. That clarifies everything. I decided to try installing again on Ubuntu and it worked this time. :slight_smile:


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