Insert custom text in web UI?


My instance ( needs help raising funds. I’d like to inset insert a visible “donate now” link somewhere that people will see it in the web UI. The challenge is that my instance is hosted (by, so I don’t have the option to customize the raw Mastodon source and, say, copy/paste in my own HTML.

As an experiment, I added some custom CSS in the Admin panel. Using a :before selector, I am able to plain text, but not links (e.g., elements).

Anyone have suggestions for how I could inject a “donate now” link somewhere in the UI?

Bump! Any ideas? Bueller?

hi, this is a feature mastohost would need to add. please contact your hosting provider to figure out their customization options, there’s no real way to do this otherwise (without modifying the code)

OK, thanks, @nightpool. Unfortunately Mastohost isn’t setup in such a way as to enable customizations per instance (yet). :slight_smile: