Increased rate limit possible for public dataset project?

Hi, I don’t know who I should reach out to about this in the community. I work for a public datasets project and we’re interested in creating a free public dataset of the history of public toots so they can be accessed and queried by anyone for projects. All personally identifying information will be removed. This would take some of the load off of the Mastodon API because people could just use the dataset for gathering Mastodon data. Right now we’re simply facing the rate limit. Is it possible that this would be a project that could be given an access token that allows more calls specifically for this purpose? I can disclose more information to maintainers as needed to validate my use case.

Are you looking for general change in the software or are you interested in some specific instance changing the limits?

Yes, I’m interested in getting an API access token specific to my application that allows for more requests to be made to the public timeline.


Which instance do you want to connect to?