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My mastodon instance won’t show images in my feed. Mastodon is just returning 404s. At first, public/system/ was owned by root, and when I changed the owner to mastdon, ran tootctl media refresh --force, and restarted mastodon, it started showing images for the items I was viewing then. But any new items after that do not show images properly, and nor does older items if I scroll farther back. media refresh does nothing, even if I run tootctl media refresh --force --verbose.

I’ve been trying some other things, like media remove, NUM_DAYS=0 RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake mastodon:media:remove_remote (which doesn’t seem to actually exist) and restarting Mastodon, and now at leas some of the images have popped up on the server, but Mastodon still returns a 404.

How did you change the owner to mastodon? Maybe some subdirectories are still owned by root and cannot be written to?

Try this to find out:

find public/system -type d \! -user mastodon -ls

Just chown mastodon:mastodon public/system

That didn’t find anything. Until I changed the owner, public/system was empty.

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Thank you… anything in the logs worth mentioning?

I see lines like (I changed the host address)

That file does not seem to exist on the server now, but I think it did yesterday.

Here’s the full logs:

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This seems to be fixed after upgrading. Not sure if it was the upgrade itself that fixed it, or one of the steps I did (like clearing the cache).

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Good to hear that - but in general I advise against the upgrade of something that is broken. Upgrade problems may stack on top of the original issues and make troubleshooting next to impossible.

Have fun with your instance!

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