I can't make my admin account


Hello all !

I know there is another post like this but since it didn’t resolve my issue, i’m gonna make another post.

So, i’m hosting minuit.xyz from a Debian 9 VPS (Ovh) on Docker.
I had a lot of trouble setting it up but I’m all set … except
sudo docker-compose run --rm web rails mastodon:make_admin USERNAME=krhonos
doesn’t make me an admin …

I have : Don't know how to build task 'mastodon:make_admin' (see --tasks) Did you mean? mastodon:stats
Etc …

Checking out with tags/v2.5.0 and even recloning from scratch with the v2.5.0 tag didn’t worked for me as everything is just like before.

I don’t know where to search now.
Do you have any clue ?

Thanks a lot !