I am new. i dont knew how i can start

hi I am new. how do i get to mastodon. That’s a good question. I read by instance. do I have to choose one? or can I be several? if there are groups, are there also Germans? Many thanks in advance

I’m newbie as well but as far as i can tell - there are a lot (thousands?) of instances, some of them are a general ones while the others are rather focused on specific topics. After choosing one and registering there, you can interact with all the others.

At the first days of my mastdon usage, i’ve found it difficult to find instances that suits my interests so i decided to create a tool called Mastodon Tags Explorer which basically let’s you browse instances by tags used on them. You can search for any specific tag that comes to your mind and check out on which instances it’s used the most - that info can tell you on which instance the community focused around what you like is the biggest.

You can read more about that tool here:

And here is the link to it: https://mastdon-tags-explorer.hcxp.co

Answers to your questions:

You can have one account and interact with all the instances and users on them but also you can have multiple accounts here and there.

There are definitely a lot of Germans on Mastodon network but, as far as i can tell, there is no way to tell which german comunity is the biggest one. I’m planning to implement a feature called “Browse instances by language popularity” on Mastodon Tags Explorer, if you’re interested, follow the project at Mastodon Tags Explorer (@tagsexplorer@mastodon.social) - Mastodon . For now, you could use this tool: Mastodon instances