Huge Disk Space Usage


My instance is just 18 Days old and User dont Upload much media but still my disk space Usage is around 7 GB. This is after the clearing Media cache .

So can someone help me regarding this issue. How can i check where storage is being used?:thinking:

That includes your OS and applications.


du -sh /home/mastodon/live/public

This will show you how much storage media files are taking up.
SQL wont be very large at all for new instance. Talking a few MB. You can see how much this is in the admin panel.

5-7GB is pretty typical for a Ubuntu install.
We run Ubuntu minimal and with everything excluding media (we use S3 for media files) and databases (SQL and Redis which are hosted on their own servers) we are at 6.3GB.

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The issue is When i installed a fresh copy it was around 3GB but it grows very quickly thats why i asked

Running the CMD You provided it show 2.4GB in use.

2.4GB over 18 days is not quick tbh.
We have over 2GB of new content uploaded every hour.

There will be an ever increasing amount of data storage required unless if you remove old Toots after X days.
Most instances set up their own S3 storage soon after they start or use S3 hosting on AWS, GCP or Wasabis.

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ok Thanks for the information

Right now im going to stick with my VPS storage to cut down the cost

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