Howto raise the character limit?


I’ve realized that 500 characters are often to short to express my thoughts. Is it possible to change the limit after the setup of the instance? And how can I achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

You can try to change the MAX_CHARS value

as well as the value in the frontend interface:

Haven’t tried this, so please treat this as an invitation to explore further on your own :slight_smile:

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It doesn’t reflect to change on front end?

Did you rebuild the frontend with webpack?

Is this still best practice for changing the toot character limit? I am seeing references suggesting it is configurable by admin, but I can’t find any specific instructions.

This is still best practice for changing the toot character limit. Some Mastodon forks allow it to be configured, but that’s not the case of Mastodon proper.

I’d like to add that there’s an extra thing you can do to make some third-party clients aware of the changed character count: adding a :max_toot_chars attribute to app/serializers/rest/instance_serializer.rb, and define it as such:

  def max_toot_chars