How User search works?

Just wanted to know how user search works on mastodon?

And can we use elastic search to enhance it?

User search autocompletes usernames, domains, and display names.

ElasticSearch plays no role in user search.

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ElasticSearch can be used or not as of now user search is kind of sucks

It allows you to find people by their handle and display name. I don’t know what else you expect it to do. For user discovery, there is the /explore page.

I just wanted it to be more fast and accurate. some time i mistype username or i try to remember it doesn’t show any result or show completely wrong user.
For example I usually type your username Like gargon and it just doesnt show you.
Something can be doen regarding this Like showing people whom i usually interact with showing suggestion of people whom i talked earlier something like that.

There is nothing I can do here. If you type in “garg” it will show me, but “gargon” is just wrong so there are no matches.

I mean, there is a sense where a more complete index like Elasticsearch could have lenience for misspellings and omissions.

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Yup, It would be awesome if you can add something like that