How to show a conversation from within "toots and replies" section?

This is the first time I’m using mastodon, and I’m only using it because some of the people I follow decided to not use twitter, and use this instead. I wasn’t able to find any information about that.
I can view “toots and replies” but is there any way to show the whole conversation it was part of?


Hi, Barteks2x. You can click on a toot (any part that is not a link or button). When you do that, the right-hand column will show you the conversation it is a part of.

(That is the case if you’re using a desktop web browser, and if you have not customized your column layout. Also, if you are looking at this on the Tusky app for Android, this conversation will take up the whole screen.)

The toot you just clicked, which caused this list of toots to appear, will show up within that list, with a lighter background and a larger font.

That conversation view will be in chronological order, listing the toot it is replying to, and the one that one was a reply to, and the one that was a reply to. It will also list the replies to it, and the replies to them.

If you click any other toot in this conversation, it will now be the one with a larger font and lighter background. You will see the toot it is replying to, and the one that one was a reply to, and the one that was a reply to. It will also list the replies to it, and the replies to them. In very long conversations with a lot of participants, these may be different as people branch off of which toots they are replying to.

Clicking on them does nothing, it’s just normal text, it doesn’t do anything when I click it. I am using a desktop web browser, and I didn’t customize anything myself. I would be able to figure it out myself if it was that simple.

Turns out I had to enable advanced web interface for it to work. But the advanced web interface is a bit confusing and unnecessary for me. Is there any way to make it work with the simple one?

To test this, I deactivated the advanced web interface, so that I only have one column. Then I scrolled until I found a toot that had replies. I clicked the text of that toot, and the column changed to a view of that conversation.

Perhaps there is some other factor at work, such as a setting that your administrator set up in your instance? Which instance is it? Are there open registrations on that instance so that I can create an account to replicate the issue and resolve it?

The instance is

I created the account quite a long time ago so maybe the default settings were different?

And just so we agree on what it is I’m talking about:
click on “follows and followers”, select one of them, and click “toots and replies”

You said you were viewing something titled “toots and replies”, and I just realized that means you are probably looking at your own profile. In simple (non advanced) mode, what happens if you scroll to the top and click “Back”, or if you click “Home” in the upper right?

If that doesn’t work, or “Back” or “Home” is not there, can you post a screenshot?

I’m not exactly sure what it is you are talking about. This is the place I have in mind (showing an example account)

Thanks. That’s really useful. That page is showing one specific person’s account: “Toots and Replies” mean the toots and the replies which were made by that account specifically.

In the announcement in this screen shot, see the blue arrow at the bottom, curving to the left? That’s the reply button. Next to it is a number indicating how many replies it has. It has zero, so if you click it, you would only see that toot.

If you click “Back to Mastodon” (shown in the top right of the screenshot), you will get your overall interface to the wide world of Mastodon. There, you can see various feeds, such as your local timeline, your federated timeline, etc.

See if you can find a toot in one of those timelines, whose back button has a number other than zero. Please click its text, and if that does not show the conversation, please post a screenshot.

Also, when you reach a screen with a Search bar, please feel free to send me a follow request at and perhaps I can do more testing by sending each other replies.

I know I can usually find them in the main screen. It works fine there. It’s just unnecessarily hard. It shows way too much random stuff I’m usually not interested in because “xxx boosted”. Or when I want to just see things from a specific account. Going to the main screen is not a solution. And it also has the exact same problem as twitter: it doesn’t actually show half of the replies. This not working was the major reason I haven’t even looked at mastodon for a whole year. This and the different instances and where I’m actually being logged in being utterly confusing to me.

Contrary to what it may look like by my initial questions, I actually know how to use a computer.

I understand what @Barteks2x means, and it annoys me also extremely. It’s an UI flaw, I already have created a GitHub issue in July: GUI issue: Toots not klickable to zoom in some modes · Issue #11361 · tootsuite/mastodon · GitHub