How to see content without being logged in..?


I run a small Mastondon instance with just general interest stuff… How can I make content visible to visitors without them needing to register a profile (until they want to contribute)? For instance, if I look at Twitter, I can see quite a lot without being logged in. At my Mastodon instance, I am faced with the login screen straight away.

I’ve looked through all the admin prefs, but I can’t seem to find any relevant setting…


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I’m a bit confused, unless you’ve set up your instance in limited federation mode, the public timeline is available for browsing by default without being logged in, and so are profiles and public toots.


Thanks for your reply! I do run non-federated, since it is a stand-alone instance for me and my friends. No content from other servers/instances is shown on my instance - only what is made locally.

Is it, in this case, not possible to see the behaviour you explain? Because that is exactly what I would like.

It’s indeed not possible without modifying Mastodon, as the LIMITED_FEDERATION mode disables public pages, as decided by Gargron.

Ah, I see. Thanks for your response!

thanks for the information.

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