How to implement a change in he.json

Hello to all,

I’ve corrected the Hebrew translation in /home/mastodon/live/app/javascript/mastodon/locales/he.json.

After I’ve done this tried to restart the instance and even recompiling it, but the changes in the file are not visible in the live version.

I realize that this may by a newb question but I need to know how it’s done.


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I went to Mastodon’s Github repository and there is a file that says:


You can submit translations via Crowdin. They are periodically merged into the codebase.

You can try going in there Translating Mastodon to Hebrew language and see how it works!

thanks. the problem I have is with the word “periodically” I want to correct the translation in the instance that I’m running right now, otherwise it looks ridiculous.

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