How to foster inclusivity and welcome new members to Mastodon

I’m formulating a plan for outreach, diversity, and inclusion on my instance, (Please review and comment!) I have two related questions:

1. Can you share any resources or best practices around facilitating inclusive online communities? Mastodon has great abuse-mitigation and safety controls, but handling bad behavior is different from encouraging positive, inclusive behavior. (Yes, the CW feature helps with that!) How can I, as the admin, help foster inclusivity?

2. How do you help people learn and adapt to “the Mastodon way”? One of our early members put it this way:

Is there such a thing as a mastodon midwife? Somebody who is well versed in the mechanics of mastodon and can help a group become a community?

I love this idea! (Though this may be the role of the instance admin, by default.)

The developers are busy constructing the software. Who can help facilitate group cohesion within an instance? Or who can point toward resources and ideas on doing this?

Thank you!


Does anyone have any input on this? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi ! Honestly I hoped to get some intel on this too, but I guess it’s still in the making for many of us.

I think at this point, it all boils down to having nice people on your instance who can be trusted with the “midwife” job, and be an example to follow for newcomer. At least, when I look back on the first instance I signed in, that’s what I appreciated : nice users who take the time to say welcome at your introduction toot and boost it, answer questions, and will write toots on good pratices (CWs and such) from time to time as a reminder.

My instance is still small, so for now I’m trying to be that person, and I hope that as people join it, others will pick up and be nice too lol.

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hi ich bin neu. also ganz neu. wie komme ich zu mastodon. das ist eine gute frage. ich habe von instanzen gelesen. muss ich mich dann für eins entscheiden? oder kann ich auch bei mehreren sein? falls es gruppen gibt, gibt es auch deutsche? vielen dank im vorraus