How to enroll for the directory of communities?

I was installing mastodon servers recently. However, I haven’t found information on how to enroll a node for directory of communities provided at Choosing a community - Mastodon. Is this possible at all? Are there any conditions to be met? Did I actually miss that part of documentation?

I know you can sign up at Manage your instance — fediverse network and Mastodon instances, but I don’t know what to get into the list at the moment…

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Hi, you can find the rules for being included in the directory here: Mastodon Server Covenant - Mastodon, as well as the steps to take to submit your instance for consideration.

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Thanks for that answer. That’s basically what I was looking for. Now I have to establish the requirements :wink:

Thanks for this additional advise. Will have a look into that opportunity as well.

can we link it better? I was looking for it quite a long time…

I second this for I was able to search for the link when knowing that I have to search for “covenant” … before that I was grepping footers, those promoting buttons on regarding to get started, on the page listing community servers there, left-hand menu on docs pages as well as more prominent places in run text such as the end of installation tutorial … eventually, I’d rather have a link for that at the bottom of community directory pages

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