How to enable "Send e-mail when someone mentions you" as default?

I noticed that “Send e-mail when someone mentions you” under settings is disabled after creating an account. If we want to make sure people stay after they sign-up, I think this should be enabled by default (I thought it was, but not anymore). Or at least make it configurable.

Meanwhile I like to enable this on my instance. Cause I welcome every new user with a private/direct toot. But they won’t noticed that when they don’t login anymore. Anyone?

If they haven’t checked those settings, they would also get an email digest of people mentioning them if they don’t log in for a while. (Digest)

However, the digest could look a little bit prettier.

I never received a digest, although it is enabled. All other notifications work perfect (using Sparkpost).

The digest only gets sent if you do not log in for x amount of days, I forget how many.

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I didn’t know that . Good to know. But anyway, I’m still like to know if it’s possible to enable that email setting by default. If not, it’s a feature request.

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Oh yeah, only the topic title was phrased like a question, but the post wasn’t.

Sorry I did not mean to derail your thread!

No problem, actually I learned something.

But you moved it to a feature request. So I understand it’s not possible and I have to change the title.

Well, I moved it to feature, as per what you said. I didn’t actually get a reply from Gargron about the matter yet.

Okay I received an answer:
Yes you can, it’s what the config/settings.yml file does

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Does this also work retrospectively or only for new accounts?

I’d assume for only new accounts.
You can always test it, by changing, then check your own account. :slight_smile:

Yes of course. I will test that later this evening.

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I tested it and it is retrospectively. I have reasons to assume that when an user didn’t touched those settings it picks the instance default. So this is good news.

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