How to embed <script> tags on instance homepage


We’re attempting to export data out to by embedding tag on our instance homepage, in the “Instance description” field on the “Site settings” part of the Admin panel.

This might seem like a lame way to do it, but, that box says, "You can use HTML tags, in particular < a > and < em > ". So, we tried to embed a < script > tag. (spaces added so as to not affect formatting here)

The < script > code doesn’t seem to execute. Probably due to some kind of restriction in the mastodon source, ostensibly to prohibit users from running scripts in their Toots? :joy:

Does anyone have a suggestion of how we can properly insert a snippet of < script > code on our instance homepage?

Thanks in advance for any replies! :grinning:

we do not support the addition of third party tracking pixels or similar and we will not help you customize your instance in a way that shows a reckless disregard for user privacy.

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