How to embed a toot on an external page?

I’ve found some similar issues, but no-one really answered this simple question:

On the blog you often embed toots in your blog posts, but how can one actually do so on their own (external) page?

You can consider I know the exact toot (i.e. user and URL) of the toot I want to embed.

This may also be a good topic for an actual blog post, I guess. :smiley:

Is it not simply using the embed function under the toot itself, e.g.

<iframe src="" class="mastodon-embed" style="max-width: 100%; border: 0" width="400"></iframe><script src="" async="async"></script>

if you click on the details menu for a status, there’s an Embed option

Actually, I get a 404 error when I try to request the embed code for posts in the federation. It works for posts on my instance.

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hmm they are not using mastodon them. Just tested with Pleroma and Got 404 Error