How to edit UI and successfully deploy

I have edited UI related stuff like text and html in a few JS files. After this I restarted Mastadon and Nginx. I also clearled all Nginx cache files. But I do not see the changes reflected in my front end. Even if I force refresh disabling the cache on my browser.

So have a few questions:

Are all UI related stuff under javascript directory?
After changing any UI related stuff how best to reflect changes?

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It depends which files did you modify and whether you have rebuilt the front end with the webpack.

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Good morning! I found this thread after reading this post regarding raising character limits and my issue is the same. I am very much a novice - could you point me to resources on how to rebuild with webpack?

Thank you!

Thank you. Let me read about how to rebuild front end with web pack. Any other tips to help me customize UI will be welcome. Cheers!

Troubleshooting errors: After an upgrade to a newer version, some pages look weird, like they have unstyled elements. Why? contains the information how to precompile assets (which is what I mean with “rebuild with webpack”)