How to downscale / cleanup federated timeline on my instance?

I’ve been running my instance for some time now; originally it was public with open registrations, but now the registrations are closed, and this is more like a personal instance for me and my friends.

While registrations were open, we’ve had some spam users joining, which have followed a lot of other irrelevant accounts on irrelevant instances. As a result, our federated timeline is full of irrelevant content that is of no interest to any of us, and so it is literally useless; additionally, my media usage grows by 2GB/day from all these irrelevant posts, which is not quite sustainable (I don’t see myself paying for 2TB of storage within two years).

Is there some way to cleanup federated timeline by only leaving instances we actually interacted with, or to downscale it in some other way so that it’s useful again, and not just hundreds of irrelevant media messages per minute? (What I’m thinking of is: federated timeline, as it would be had we set up a new instance and migrated all our follows / replies / boosts / likes to it)

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