How to configure Mastodon Instance to run on two hosting plans?

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So I have my mastodon instance installed on VPS plan. However, After all I will be needing ALOT of space to host all the media files that my users post on my instance. For that i am thinking on purchasing a shared hosting or a cloud hosting.

So is there a way to configure the mastodon instance to keep on running on VPS plan, and have all the media stored on shared/cloud plan? How does this configuration is done?

Hey! We recommend you use an external service, such as S3, Minio (self-hosted), or DigitalOcean Spaces for storing media files. You can find instructions on how to do that here: cybrespace-meta/ at master · cybrespace/cybrespace-meta · GitHub (the instructions are for s3 specifically, which is more expensive then the other cloud providers but much more reliable. I would recommend shopping around a little bit. Any S3 compatible service should work)

Another guide to move your medias on S3 (Wasabi) : Moving Mastodon’s media files to Wasabi Object Storage

Note that I heavily dis-recommend wasabi specifically due to their unreliability and frequent downtime.

Wasabi Status History

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