How to compose links?

I must be a total idiot. I can’t seem to figure out how to compose links on Mastodon without them seeming broken. at least to my view, the https:// portion of the link is on one line, and then the rest of it shows up underneath it.

(I moved this to a new topic since it was unrelated to the topic you originally posted in, feel free to change the title)

Can you post a screenshot of the broken links and a screenshot of what’s in the compose box before you post it?

Hopefully this helps?

It might actually be an issue with screen reading software, though, not how it visually looks on the page, so the link I just posted might look just fine to anyone visually looking at it.

Ah, yes, thank you for the additional info. What screen reader are you using?

I use NVDA for the most part. JAWS … sometimes, but only when no other alternatives are available.