How to change terminology in the application?

Hello. I’m trying to edit the name of “toots” and “boosts” on my instance. I can’t find a simple guide on how to do this online, and editing the localization files only changes it on the full permalink-viewable toot and profile pages. How do I make this change?

Ended up solving this myself. For future searcher reference:

Mastodon stores English application text in /app/javascript/mastodon/locales/en.json and the static web display text in /config/locales/en.yml. You simply need to replace references to “toots,” “boosts” and whatever else you wish to rename for each language you wish to make the change in. After that, rebuild the web application (you can use npm run build:production in your live directory) and restart the web process (systemtcl reload mastodon-web) to read the new files.

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