How to alow users to use the same email address on different accounts?

I’m working on a mastodon instance over a tor hidden service. I’m using version 2.0.0 of mastodon because it supports “local_https=false”. I’ve been working on removing the email requirement and replacing it with a type “tor” or “what is 1+1” or something but i can’t figure out how to allow users to use the same email address.

Also well I’m here what is the latest version that supports “local_https=false”?

Please help i have no idea what I’m doing.

Okay I’ve not really tested this because its late, but a couple of suggestions:

One possible option is to suggest users use a fictitious domain for their accounts, or indeed set this automatically so the accounts are created with their email set to <username>@nullroute.localdomain then have your local DNS on the box MX route that to your local SMTP server which simply delivers the mail to a local mailbox - then you can use a script to watch that mailbox and call ./bin/tootctl accounts approve <username> when it sees the mail come in.

Alternatively rent a small VPS outside of the TOR network and run your SMTP through that and just set your SMTP server to just never log (although this will suck if your config goes awry because you won’t know except users won’t be able to sign up/reset passwords). This does mean users will need to expose a throw away email address to your service to sign up, and you’ll need to connect out over TOR to send the mail and there’s a box to watch for outgoing mail to attack users, so this has some possible methods of decloaking a user.