How to add new languages to platform?

I want to add Kazakh language. I wrote two times to Weblate. But they still not add to translate platform. So how to add and translate to other languages?
Now i start translate to Kazakh from github locale files. Can i after that import to Weblate?


I have good news :slight_smile:

In 3 days i translated Mastodon to Kazakh language

You can see it here Mastodon - Kazakh @ Weblate

And now, how to add Kazakh to and make it default language to all platforms, browsers and countries?

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It takes a little bit of time to sync changes from weblate, so Kazakh will probably be available in the next release of Mastodon (or the release after that, depending on timing).

I’m not sure how to override mastodon’s auto language selection off the top of my head. maybe someone with experience in that area can chime in?