How to add links on the bottom menu?


I would like to edit/add some link on the main footer menu. (Check the screenshot) I need some help on how to do this.


Bump this thread up. :slight_smile:

You can easily inject Link via cloud-flare HTML App but It could create CSP issue.
and dont expect much help in term of custmization here

I’m looking to do that on mastodon files :wink:

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In Mastodon files that’s app/javascript/mastodon/features/getting_started/index.js

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Thanks, I was able to found it in the final, but nonway to find the file of /about/more (about this instance) footer :disappointed:

That footer is in app/views/layouts/public.html.haml


I trying to change footer links, but it does not workin.


Why? how to fix it?