How do I interact with a remote toot from a permalink?

People frequently share toots on other services via permalinks, such as:

However, it seems you can’t favorite or boost directly from the permalink. If you have an account on the instance that matches the permalink, a link to “Open in web” is shown, and from there you can interact.

In the case of remote toots (where you don’t have an account on the origin instance), no “Open in web” link is shown. What are the steps to find this toot again so it can be interacted with?

Good question, this might be a missing feature. Is it the same as

Add ability to boost/favourite a tweet on a remote instance · Issue #916 · tootsuite/mastodon · GitHub ?


Ah thanks, yes, that’s exactly it! At least there is a workaround of searching by the remote toot URL.