How do I get the new /about page?

It looks like updated sites like or have a new landing (it might not be that new, but new to me since I haven’t used Mastodon in a month) page layout:

But my instance still shows the old one! I just upgraded to 2.7.4 and nothing really seemed to change at all actually, besides the version number in the footer. Is there something I needed to do to get the new page?

Probably the new landing page will be implemented in the next release v2.8.0.
Currently, in order to display a new landing page, you need to switch to a master branch that is not a release version, but there is some risk.
I recommend waiting for a while for v2.8.0 to be released soon. :smile:

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Maybe. I guess I’ll wait. I was just confused because and .host both say they’re on 2.7.4…

Edit: I didn’t read what you said completely. That makes sense, thanks! :slight_smile:

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