How can I monetize my instance to overcome financial costs of hosting

Hello. I’m new to mastadon. I am hosting it on a vps server with 4GB RAM and about 200GB storage for 30$/month which is definitely high for my budget. Also I have to pay for my domain about an yearly 15$/year.

Is there any way through which I can make some dollars with mastodon just overcome this budget, eg. Ads implementation, paid boosting of toots, or anything…

Please help :frowning:

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Being as no one has replied to this yet I’ll suggest a few things.

Firstly work out if you actually are using all that resource now or if you could host your instance on a cheaper VPS for now and expand it to a larger one if/when it grows to actually need those resources.

Secondly I would suggest reading Darius Kazemi’s Run Your Own Social which includes a section on Funding. What I’ve generally seen is that instances will ask users to chip in $1/monthly or bimonthly. So essentially you crowd fund the server costs from the active users, those who make use of the service may feel this is a fine cost for them being as you’re chipping inthe work of running and securing the system for them.

I mean alternatively you could charge users for boosting toots or you could try and run google adverts or something on your instance - but there’s a good chance your users will just up sticks and move to an instance that doesn’t feature this sort of overt commercial interference.

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