How can I make the landing page for my instance show About or at least login?

Right now if you navigate to my instance’s landing page at you get the empty profile for @admin.

I’d like to have it display the About page. Or, if that’s not possible, the global timeline, or at least something other than an empty profile :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance, totally impressed with Mastodon!

This is what happens if you configure your instance as a single-user instance. You can restore the default behaviour with SINGLE_USER_MODE=false

Thanks! That makes sense. Any way to get it to show another user instead?

It just takes the first user from the database:

Hrrm. Thanks for the pointer to the source code. I suppose if I wanted to make a custom change I could hard code it to look up the ‘feoh’ user which is what I want.

I know deleting a user isn’t always easy because of foreign key constraint violations and the like, or else I’d ask if I could just delete “admin” with no ill effects?

Thanks again for taking the time to respond. I do appreciate it!

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