Hosting an instance

So i would like to open my instance to have fun and invite some people

I tried hosting it on Got an instance from them. But i felt very limited on their hosting service. Couldn’t even increase a character number per post. I’ve tried to contact them about this and they said they can not do such things, as it would require to have full access to the instance, which they couldn’t provide.

So the I thought, i’d be needing to go do my hosting elsewhere.

The problem is, that if i were to choose a different hosting provider, I’d be needing to have my instance freshly installed. Now i’m not sure if i am able to install a new instance by myself.

I’ve tried contacting two different hosting providers and asked about installation of a new instance…

  1. So one of them suggested me having their VPS Hosting service and they would install my new instance for free with a access of cpanel to control it all.

  2. And the other hosting provider suggested me having their dedicated server or cloud hosting service. The problem is that I’d be needing to purchase cpanel on my own. And they wouldn’t be able to install a fresh instance, which i’d have to do this on my own aswell…

I have calculated the spending on both options, and found that second one is 60$ cheaper, without access to cpanel included and without installation of mastodon instance.

So my question is:
To put it simply, is having a new instance installed and have a lifetime access to cpanel with 60$/yr more to spend? How hard it is to install a new instance?

And to put it into more complex question - Which is best option of hosting service is to have a mastodon instance? VPS, Cloud or dedicated server hosting?

Thank you!

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This isn’t a question we can answer for you—every user is going to have a different amount of comfort with Rails, Ruby, sysadminship, etc. 60$ per year seems pretty cheap to me, but it depends on the quality of service you’re expecting to get from the provider.

Again, there’s no “best”. It depends on the type of instance, your skills, the amount of users, etc. There’s no “one size fits all” solution. However, I can generally say that most instances use VPSs (rather then abstracted cloud providers or managed hosts with cPanels, etc), but that it takes a significant technical know-how and time investment.

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I think i can help you with this. I also started with masto and switched to un-managed vps.after 15 days as i can not afford it. ( its managed service so pricing of masto is very good)

I learn through a friend which i met on fediverse. So the best option would be using Yunohost its easy and will take care of most things Like backup and update.

You can install it on your vps. i use they are really good using them for almost 3 months now. it will cost you around 2.49 Euro for 1 CPU 2GB ram and 20GB SSD,There is contabo too they have some serious spec in crazy pricing.

FYI, I dont use yunohost as i started with Ubuntu setup which you can find here Installation - Mastodon documentation.

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If You need more info, I will help you :grin:


This is by far one of the most interesting topics to find here for us the new ones.
Finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Thanks a lot for sharing all this info.

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How am I able to contact you? :slight_smile:

Is there any way to contact you perhaps if i should run into technical difficulties? :slight_smile:

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You have to rely on this forum and connect with admin of other instance. Some are very friendly and helpful some are just too busy.

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Please check Direct message

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