Home Timeline and basic web interface broken after migrating servers

I just completed a relatively smooth migration from shared hosting to my own server for my instance dads.cool. All my users report that things are working fine for them, but for me and me only, my home timeline is broken on the web.

Things that work for me:

  • All features in apps, including posting, DMs, home timeline, local, etc
  • Navigating directly to a profile to interact with it via browser pop-up window
  • Preferences page, including moderation and administration
  • All features of the advanced web interface except home timeline

Things that do not work:

  • The basic web interface presents the “due to a bug in our code or a browser compatibility issue, this page could not be displayed correctly” error
  • The home timeline in the advanced web interface shows only the last two toots

tootctl feeds build did nothing to resolve the issue. It persists in all browsers, all network interfaces, all devices I’ve tested. Help!

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