Help sanity check my install ideas

I have a couple VMs on a proxmox BW at home, and I have 1 external IP address.

I’m doing port forwarding for 80 & 443 for a couple websites (using Nginx, and I’m pretty new at it, having just moved over from Apache) that I’m already hosting on one of the VMs. I have certificates already installed and they work fine.

My plan was to spin up another ubuntu VM just for mastodon & postgresql.

Is alpine linux a better choice? stock Debian? or just go with ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS?
Most of the tutorials I see are for ubuntu 16.xx or 18.xx versions and are now quite outdated. Do the official install docs work with 20.04?

I admit that I am not familiar with Ruby at all.

Also I’m finding most of Docker to be more confusing than anything, so for the time being, I’d like to avoid that too.

Can I do this and use Nginx to proxy traffic to this other internal VM?
Does that make sense at all?
Or does Nginx need to live on the same VM?

Thanks everyone!

Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS should be fine, you need recent enough Redis, Ruby and Node, this should cover it.

The official install docs should work with 20.04. In case you have an issue, just ask.

Nginx does not need to run on the same VM, as long as it can access the ports used by Mastodon (by default, 3000 and 4000)

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Sounds good. Thank you!

I have successfully managed to get nginx proxying traffic the way I want to, so I’m going to give the installation a try on a freshly installed VM. :slight_smile:

Edit: Following the directions, everything did install nicely and it’s now working. Just using it in a test environment for now, though. Thanks again!

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