Have recent events energised the Mastodon Developers?

I’m a software developer from the UK, interested in running at least one Mastadon instance, and able to contribute (free of charge, of course) to the Mastodon project, and to this forum. I love the ethos of federated social networking and I’m impressed with what Eugen and others have acheived so far.

However, before I invest time in this ecosystem, I’d like to get a philosophical feel for it, so I know that I’m investing in the right place.

Dear Eugen and core developers,

Have recent events (the removal of Trump from Twitter/FB, and the removal of Parler by Amazon/Apple/Google) made you more personally committed to the Mastodon project and its aims?

I realise this is a loaded question and I apologise for putting you on the spot.

However, I think there is a small army of current and potential contributors and investors that may be interested in your response.