Hashtags Not Yielding Results (language filtering issue)

Hi all,

Just looking for some feedback - could anybody tell me what they get when searching for a tag in the logs? I’m seeing this kind of response only (for instance, I search for #music, of which I have two personal posts on the local instance - I’m the only user on the local instance, as an aside, so I assume it should be pretty straightforward):

streaming container log:
verb 9b623043-1e9b-4460-9c07-e533c86b9525 Starting stream from timeline:hashtag:music for 3 verb Subscribe timeline:hashtag:music

web container log:
[8d393a90-e674-4c94-943c-237c44776dba] [active_model_serializers] Rendered ActiveModel::Serializer::CollectionSerializer with ActiveModelSerializers::Adapter::Attributes (0.08ms) [8d393a90-e674-4c94-943c-237c44776dba] method=GET path=/api/v1/timelines/tag/music format=html controller=Api::V1::Timelines::TagController action=show status=200 duration=29.96 view=0.66 db=7.04

None of the other containers (db, sidekick, redis) have anything in their logs about it. Without anything to compare it to, I’m unsure where the issue might be arising.

This same search on mastodon.social returns tons of results, so I know it’s contained at my instance. Any ideas? Thanks!

… Well I feel silly. English was checked as filtered because I wasn’t paying attention. >_< Ignore this post…