Go live directly from Mastodon: When?

The feature I want to discuss is to go live directly from Mastodon. Like we did from Facebook or YouTube.
It will be very great if developers can add a button to Go Live with Sound and Video in realtime, and why not, invite other peoples to the stream?
Thank you all and so much for your great work.

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I’d love to use that!

Obvious issue - how to manage bandwidth - who sends where and who distributes the stream to the viewers. If it could be federated (multicast over fediverse)…

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Thank you for your reply and interesting questions, and here’s my suggestions:

It can be done by the same servers managing the toots
Or, if the bandwidths are not enough, why we can’t integrated API or do some Back-To-Back to other platforms (YouTube, Livestream, etc.) which will be TRANSPARENT for the user and for the viewers? It can be watched from Mastodon, but in reality it’s playing somewhere else, and using this "somewhere else " bandwidth.
Federation can be postponed or simply shared the same transparent link to watch it on another free platforms.

Just in case, I’m a 50 years old IT project manager, and I didn’t code since I was 30. So I’ve only ideas but no way to develop it :slight_smile:

well with platforms like Youtube this idea will be quickly cut off due to it being the violation of their terms of use (see the youtube-dl case which is much more benign).


Thank you for your answer.
I think that YouTube-dl is a good trial not a bad one, right ?
Here’s what I discovered about this trial:

On the other hand, what’s about the other solutions?
There must be hundred of other free platforms with no restrictive policies, no ?

Well, one has to read between the lines, the developers removed certain important code from the software to get the repository back.

Wouldn’t PeerTube be more appropo for live feeds?

I’m not so sure they did — I know it was suggested in a post by GitHub but personally haven’t experienced ytdl not being able to download anything I did b4. If uno wot I mean … :slightly_smiling_face: