Getting partial view of the Fediverse

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all you’re doing for the decentralized Internet!

I have joined a couple of Mastodon nodes to get a feel for the community on each. Interestingly, when I do a search for, say, #linux on each of them, I get different results on each. This is everything from very small sites to Sometimes the small sites miss a toot, sometimes does (interestingly, the smaller site here is part of the same relay that is)

Perhaps that is to be expected (I didn’t find good docs on how ActivityPub works, but I am familiar with some of the general concepts that may be at play from working with Matrix).

So that leads to a question: how does one pick a node for good visibility to what others in the Fediverse are saying, and for good visibility of what I am saying?

A second question would be: should I ever choose to run my own node, how would I configure it for optimum participation in the Fediverse? And the corrolary: is it common for nodes to be configured in whatever the optimum way is? (This is leading to me thinking about whether or not I would get better results running a very small node configured well, vs. a large node with a lot of users)


  • John