's fork of Mastodon

While I know Mastodon is not solely responsible for the atrocity that is, considering current events I did want to ask if there was any action Mastodon was planning to take regarding’s platform? Currently tens of thousands are flocking to that social media site every hour since tech companies have been taking action on Parlor’s lack of accountability and hate speech.


This is a text of statement:

I think that is one of the unfortunate features of free software - the authors of the software share it freely and have no control about its use, as nefarious it might have been. The statement is right in clarifying the position of the authors of the software, but I am not sure what kind of other actions could be taken to effectively stop the fork.

I believe this is a nonissue, as Gab has completely defederated after being blocked from the Fediverse by most Mastodon instances.

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