Friday at 16:00 UTC: A live video conference about Mastodon with Gargron

Join us this Friday September 1st, for a chat with Eugen about everything Mastodon. The Why, the When, the How and some interactive questions from you, the developers, the contributors, the supporters. A few details, and I’ll shrink back to lurk mode.

See for details on SIP and worldwide dial-ins. You can call to listen and you can ask questions or comment.
Text chat: IRC: #vuc on
and of course, MASTODON: Send your questions now or during to IP Communications Community ( - Mastodon

About VUC: Begun in March 2007, this is episode 661. We started with telecommunications technologies, but we now cover anything that travels in packets, and that includes Mastodon. We support Mastodon and we have our own instance.

Consider being a part of the Friday event which takes place at 9AM PDT, 12PM EDT, 5PM UK and 6PM Paris/Berlin. If you are further east, you’ll need to do the math.