FreeBSD port: Switching node version


This question is about improving the FreeBSD Mastodon package.

Currently, the FreeBSD npm and yarn packages default to pulling in node.js version 8. Do any instance admins have experience running with node.js v8? Should problems be expected with v8? There will be some disruption switching the npm and yarn packages to pull in node.js v6 by default, so I only want to attempt to make the switch if this is recommended.



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The only issue will be getting node-sass compiled properly, but it works with node 8 and FreeBSD.

Do you want to change to 6 due to 8 being a kind of moving target due to changing binary APIs?

I think switching to node.js v6 is the right approach. I’ve tried to do just that, but there are changes outside of my control. Hopefully it will happen soon.

The reason for downgrade is Can't build stuff (using gyp) on FreeBSD 11.1 (or clang 4.0) · Issue #14076 · nodejs/node · GitHub ?

Yes, that’s the blocking issue with node.js v8.