Flown dot support (Catalan language)


Hello there,
one of my users at mastodont.cat had noticed that we catalan users can’t use hashtag of words including letter “l·l”, double letter l with a flown dot (·) in between.
If we use hashtag with “l·l”, all letters after the flown dot are ignored so the hashtag get broken.
In catalan there are a lot of words with “l·l” letter, example are “il·lusió”, “paral·lel”, “cel·la” etc.
Check Interpunct - Wikipedia to better understanding.

Birdsite added support to flown dot some time ago, April 14th 2015, so could be really nice that Mastodon
do the same now.

Thanks in advance



Just additional info. Middle dot char U+00B7 is used as medial inner-word char.

I hope Mastodon will follow Unicode UAX #31

This annex describes specifications for recommended defaults for the use of Unicode in the definitions of identifiers and in pattern-based syntax. It also supplies guidelines for use of normalization with identifiers.

Joan Montané