First user experience with user@domain

Hi, I am a new user. Thanks for providing this great alternative to Twitter with an open source and crowd source base :slight_smile:
I have a few things that I like to tell about my user experience as new user.

  1. When I want to follow someone else at another server I had to enter my username@domain. Since the domain the server is new for me I don’t remember it exactly yet and like to copy/paste the whole name . So I went to to find my username@domain and from there on it is very hard to select only the username@domain part. So easier selection or even better a copy button next to the username@domain will help. Another solution can be using the URL instead of the name. In my case Jurjen de Vries ( - Mastodon for Tech Folks .

  2. After following someone from another server I want to favorite and respond to his toot. I got the question again to give my username@domain with a note “Why is this step necessary? might not be the server where you are registered, so we need to redirect you to your home server first. Don’t have an account? You can sign up here”. This is very annoying. I don’t want to create an account for every server I want to interact with, and also no extra steps every time. Once per domain would be okay, but not every time. Can’t this be fixed by a cookie, oauth or another related technology solution?

In the second case I think another server you are reading toots on has no way to read the cookies of your server of origin ( Maybe it would make sense to set a local cookie to remember the account you have used last time.

It all should work as expected once you reply from

I think that interacting remotely needs improvement on many services. Today I wanted to reply on Pixelfed using my Mastodon account - in fact I had to copy the Pixelfed URL into the Mastodon user interface, see the original post and reply from there. This shouldn’t be that complicated - but every Mastodon software needs to implement it.