Finnish translation is bad quality and possibly sabotaged


I registered on a new Mastodon instance today and the Finnish translations seem partially machine translated and some are obviously wrong in English complaining that “toot” is not a word.

I told this in Feneas Finnish working group and Finnish localization IRC/Matrix channel, but also wished to bring this to your attention in case you are able to suspend the user who has done this or take some sort of action. I haven’t personally had time to investigate where to fix and report wrong translations.

As a new user I am only allowed to put one photo per post, so I will only put the more important one

Here I didn’t initially even look so much into the machine translation, “messages from other gamers that you folllow can come to your homespacepage You can follow whoever any where only server” for example, same on local and then the federation looks fishy.

“Reply” “Speedening up” “Love”


Would I now be allowed to put the second photo or be suspended on too quick typing?

We’ll look into the situation, thanks!

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