Files deleted in Mastodon folder

Hey there,

I have a Mastodon Instance running (2.5.0) with Docker.
In the mastodon folder, the .env.production and the docker-compose.yml and lots of other files are gone.
There are only three folders lefT:

  • postgres

  • public

  • redis

The instance ist running fine. All toots and media are still there.
When I use an old snapshot my droplet made, the files are back, but they will get deleted again, after some days.
What is happening?

Has anyone an idea? I want to upgrade to v.2.6.1 but I can’t because all folgers are missing while Mastodon is running great in Docker.

When I do a ls -a in that directory I only see those three folders, but when I zip that directory, and unzip it on my mac, I see all the files that are missing…