[Feedback] Instances.mastodon.xyz thread


Mostly because we’ve been trying to improve the joinmastodon.org unity as a whole.
This shouldn’t have gone live without better communication, but I’ve been out of commission for over a week.


Hopefully this can be improved asap, because especially the language filter in that wizard is very useful. And @thekinrar also moved it to https://instances.social. That’s probably why the current list on https://joinmastodon.org is empty.


Old JSONs are still accessible on the old URL to prevent these problems


OK, I see it works. It was blocked by Ublock Origin (via the Easylist filter: .xyz^$third-party,xmlhttprequest).

Anyhow, I still think this embedded list is not very useful and maybe @Gargron can add a button that links to instances.social above that list (and change the list to the new API URL)?