[Feature suggestion] Mute any conversation

I love the ability to mute a conversation I’m a part of; what I’d like is the ability to mute any conversation that shows up on my Home timeline. Occasionally, conversations break out between people I follow, without me as a participant, that I’d rather not see, whether because I’m uninterested or because it’s frustrating to see two people I like arguing when I feel it’s not my place to step in.

In those cases, I’d like to be able to dismiss toots with that conversation ID from my Home timeline without affecting my ability to see other toots from those users or the ability of other users to see that conversation.



yeah i also want this and have requested it more than once i think…


This is super high on my personal wish list.

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i think it’s exclusively within the realm of the client side JS so… not something i personally can do easily at this point but i reckon there’s a few people who can


Wait what, this wasn’t the extended functionality of the feature!

I’m surprised to be honest. Ahhhh, notification thread muting, so it only affects the notifications you get. Okay, brain derp. (brain has been busy with too much stuff lately to fully grasp)

Thought, yes I think it’s a good idea. But maybe it could be bundled into the request feature of dynamically adding content warnings.

I don’t think that’s appropriate since the two aren’t really related. Just need an entry added to the … menu of toots outside the notification column. The dynamically added content warnings thing is pretty ambiguous and potentially complex so i’d rather not combine them.

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