Exporting toots - how exactly?


Trying to export my toots.
Since there was no direct csv link (see attached image)


I did an archive - thinking the toots will be archived.

However, the archive came without the statuses.

Any clue what am i doing wrong?

Cheers and many thanks in advance!!

There is an outbox.json file in the archive that contains the toots you have posted.

This file is a text file in the JSON format. I am using a powerful jq tool that can be installed on many systems to extract data out of it. It is a free software.

I have fetched the archive of my Mastodon.social account and unpacked it.

Let’s check how many items are there:

> jq .totalItems outbox.json   

Looks good! Let’s see the last one:

> jq  -r '.orderedItems[-1].object.content' outbox.json  

Output edited for readability:

<p><span class="h-card"><a href="https://mastodon.sdf.org/@deejoe" 
   class="u-url mention">@<span>deejoe</span></a></span> 
<span class="h-card"><a href="https://octodon.social/@kensanata" 
   class="u-url mention">@<span>kensanata</span></a></span>
To be very specific: I wonder if a local newspaper can achieve that kind of focus as Stack Overflow... 
Questions asked on SO are usually pretty narrow or specific enough not to get moderated away quickly. 
No idea how that could work for the newspaper.</p>

Let’s see if we can get the URL of that toot:

jq -r '.orderedItems[-1].object.url' outbox.json

Looks good!

Hope it helps you to find your own toots!


That was Very Helpful indeed!


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