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Recently I’ve found out that my mastodon instance requires at least 200GB of storage space. We’re like 2 on this instance and its been running since 2017. Is that a normal storage space usage ? and if not, what can I do to reduce it ? Is there any kind of tootctl command to clean everything and to save a little bit of it ?

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Hi adidal! It sounds like you’re not using a cloud storage provider to store your media data. We highly recommend migrating your storage to a cloud provider like S3 or DigitalOcean Spaces. You can find instructions on how to do that here: cybrespace-meta/s3.md at master · cybrespace/cybrespace-meta · GitHub (the instructions are for s3 specifically, which is more expensive then the other cloud providers but much more reliable. I would recommend shopping around a little bit. Any S3 compatible service should work)

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Thanks nightpool :slight_smile:

The thing is that I wanna avoid as much as possible companies like Google, Amazon or Microsoft. Tbh Im not a big fan of centralization. That’s why I asked for some tootctl function :slight_smile: but thanks anyway :slight_smile:

There are other cloud storage providers. I don’t recommend Wasabi, because they have major outages regularly, but many mastodon instances use them. You can also run your own cloud storage node on a low-CPU high-storage VPS using Minio

You can use self hosted object storage like minio


I really understand your desire not to have to use Amazon’s cloud etc. As ran into space issues myself as written in a previous thread. In the end I’ve resorted to manually pruning the preview_images but there are many account headers etc which you could also remove…

I’d also like there to be a tootctl command to do so…

Are you deleting old remote media using tootctl? The means to do so has changed since 2017 so perhaps it stopped working even if you did set it up.

The current way to remove old remote media is bundle exec bin/tootctl media remove run as your mastodon user in the typical place (/home/mastodon/live). This defaults to removing everything more than 7 days old which was uploaded by any remote user. You can add --days=number to remove more or less media as you wish.

I’ve been doing this on my single user instance for one year and my entire server fits on less than 50gb. But I also don’t upload many videos for the sake of saving my money :stuck_out_tongue:

Lately I’ve been wondering just how much Mastodon tries to conserve disc space for media.

If I boost a toot from another instance, does its media get copied locally? And if so is it marked as ‘remote media’ or not? If two users on my instance boost a remote toot, do I end up with one or two local copies of the image? And I’d be very surprised if Masto was trying to detect multiple people uploading the same image and de-duplicate that.

I kinda wish there was a switch to throw on my instance to tell it to just not bother copying ANY remote media rather than doing that on an instance-level basis in the Domain Block moderation page. (Maybe there is now, I haven’t updated in a while.)

One can use buyvm.net they seem to provide storage slab at same price although one need to setup Minio as they dont support s3 out of the box

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