Events feature like in GNU Social?

Currently investigating both GNU Social and Mastodon for a small local instance and although Mastodon wins quite Cleary to me on UX it does lack a couple of features I would like and these are events and polls. I’ve had a look through the Github and couldn’t spot anything so I assume Mastodon doesn’t have anything like the events and polls feature on GNU Social but is there any support for plugins?? Hope someone can point me in the right direction if there is.

Is relevant? (“Meetup” service). If not directly, perhaps ask them if they would be interested in (discussing/adding/implementing) your idea?

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Polls is also very much needed. That one should be implemented around user profiles, userpoints and Reputation Management, though. That is needed if #Mastodon wants to help out as a grassroots democracy communication platform. If you are interested in that with a long term strategic focus, please get in touch with me.

This does look relevant but I guess I was looking for something that contained all the features in one system. having people login to different sites is extra hurdle to get people to move away from the existing social media platforms. I guess Twitter doesn’t have a events feature but it does have polls.

Do not get me wrong @kuliand but IMHO you cannot compare GNU Social with Mastodon the functionality and target audience is very different. If you are looking for features like events and polls I would take a closer look at e.g. Friendica or if you want even more features Hubzilla - but I would recommend Friendica it got a larger user base and its more user friendly. On the other hand Diaspora* is a nice plattform too.

IMO Hubzilla is more user friendly than Friendica.

+1 for Hubzilla. User base of a particular fediverse app is irrelevant, because … fediverse. It’s currently the only federated app that can connect to every other app, supporting all the existing federation protocols; OStatus, ActivityPub, DFRN (Friendica’s bespoke protocol), or Zot (Hubzilla’s bespoke protocol). Hubzilla has the widest range of integrated tools of all the fediverse apps by a country mile (including an events calendar), and a plug-in system for adding more.

I’m not sure why @kuliand thinks GNU Social has events and polls. Vanilla GS has neither, it’s purely a microblog feed. Maybe you are getting confused with Friendica or Hubzilla? If not, you must have seen an instance with a very unusual custom UI?

Speakig of UI, I’m also not sure what @kuliand likes about the Mastodon UI. Having finally used it for a few weeks recently, I think it’s appalling, and potentially causes (or at least amplifies) a lot of the constant Masto drama. I recommend Pinafore or Halcyon, and since either of these can also be used with Pleroma, I would ditch the laggy RubyOnRails stack completely, and use Pleroma as your back-end instead of Mastodon.

Not of that gives you polls and events though, so either you need Hubzilla, or you can do what do, and use LDAP to put a range of app under a Single Sign-on for your users.